This sandwich panel with a non-combustible insulation core of mineral wool meets today's high demands for fire protection. According to the guidelines for industrial construction, non-combustible insulation materials are obligatory, particularly for large-surface and multi-storey buildings.

For a core thickness of 100 mm and higher, a fire resistance up to 90 minutes can be reached.

Additionally, Hipertec® Roof panels show exceptional acoustic insulation behaviour.

Thanks to the high quality level of the production process, the interlocking of the joint is perfect and panels up to 25 meters length can be installed rapidly.

To protect the mineral wool core from moisture, a cut back and a protective flashing at the eaves are recommended.

For additional information, please have a look at our detailed technical manual.


Outer shell Inner
weight Thermal
Heat transfer
(Ψ - Joint factor)
  s tN tN kg / m² R U without Ψ U with Ψ
  mm mm mm kg / m² m² K / W W / m² K W / m² K
HIPERTEC ROOF 60/98 0,60 0,45 16,8 1,34 0,705 0,707
80/118 0,60 0,45 19,0 1,79 0,534 0,535
100/138 0,60 0,45 21,2 2,25 0,429 0,430
120/158 0,60 0,45 23,4 2,70 0,359 0,360
150/188 0,60 0,45 26,7 3,39 0,289 0,289
200/238 0,60 0,45 32,1 4,52 0,217 0,218

Reaction to Fire

Building material classified as A2-s1, d0 non-combustible according DIN EN 13501-1; mineral wool core A1, non-combustible, melting point < 1000°C

Hard Roofing

Hipertec® Roof panels are rated as"hard roofing" - resistant to airborne fire and radiating heat according to DIN EN 14509

Fire Resistance

German building compliance certificate according to DIBt Z-19.52-2096 (see fire resistance table)
Core thickness  sFire retardant REI30Highly fire retardant REI60Fire resistant REI90
≥ 100300030003000

Thermal Conductivity

λ=0,044 W/m.K under the terms of DIN 4108 and DIN EN 13165
The insulation values are regularly monitored by external bodies and may be applied without any further reduction.

Corrosion Protection

  • Standard version with external sheet 25 μm polyester and internal sheet ≈15 μm thin coating (DU)
  • External sheet: category RC3; internal sheet: category RC2 (under the terms of DIN EN 10169)


External sheet: corrosivity category C3 corresponding to average duration of protection for urban and industrial environments with moderate exposure to sulphur dioxide.  

Internal sheet: corrosivity category C2 for dry indoor rooms and buildings with occasional minor condensation. Other coating systems are available for more sophisticated demands such as buildings near the sea, farm buildings with high ammonia exposure or moist rooms.

(Conditions of surroundings and corrosivity categories under the terms of DIN EN ISO 12944-2)

Standard lengths

> 2,00 m up to 25,00 m, greater lengths on request.


Sound Insulation

Rw ≥ 29-32 dB