The Company

The Metecno Group

In 1961, Metecno was founded as “Metallotecnica Italiana” as a producer of conventional multi-layered roof and wall systems. The - for that time - common, successive way of installing internal steel sheet, spacers, insulation and external steel sheet directly at the object of construction had great deficiencies concerning the duration of installation, cost and quality. Detailed surveys for the development of a prefabricated insulated panel led to the establishment of the worldwide first fully automated and continuously working production plant for sandwich panels in 1965. The big success that followed led to a quickly increasing demand for sandwich panels and made it possible to expand, setting up new production plants first throughout Europe and later also in the US and Asia.

Today, the Metecno Group has become a global player with a great number of production plants and sales headquarters all over the world. The passion for our product, more than five decades of experience with sandwich panels, hundreds of millions of square meters delivered, the high quality level of our product as well as the professionality of our employees are inseparably linked with the brand Metecno. We have created a new way of building and have set global standards for the whole branch.