Shipping/ Logistics

 Shipping/ Logistics

Perfect logistics is half the battle for the success of your building project. As a highly specialised department, it is our purpose to ensure that the right panels arrive in perfect condition at the right place at the right time. We strive to work with adequate forwarding agencies on a regular and long-term basis in order to guarantee a constant high level of quality concerning our partial- and full truck shipments as well as loading of special lengths or overseas containers. During the preliminary stages of shipping, we ensure suitable handling of every package and professional storage. We regard our performance as a crucial part of the service portfolio of Metecno and are looking forward to any new logistical challenge.

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 Steffen Biedermann - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Steffen Biedermann
Head of shipping department
+49 36454 56 180
0163 8200180

Jana Ritter - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Jana Ritter
Manager Shipping/Logistics
+49 36454 56 187

Marcel Pieter - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Marcel Pieter
Deputy Dispatcher
+49 36454 56 181

Tom Höppner - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Tom Höppner
+49 36454 56 281

Bernd Ahlemann - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Bernd Ahlemann
Manager Shipping/Logistics
+49 36454 56 183

Theresa Schachtschabel - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Theresa Schachtschabel
Appointment management
+49 36454 56 147