Application Approval

Application Approval

In the Application Approval, the actual use of the product itself is regulated. This also affects individual material safety factors (γM), which ensure the application of broad supporting widths.

If sandwich panels are placed on the German market with only a CE-label (which means WITHOUT a valid Application Approval for the product), static calculations can only be made with general safety factors concerning materials. These factors are legally determined by the Muster-Verwaltungsvorschrift Technische Baubestimmungen (MVV TB) of the DIBt for Germany regardless of the type of sandwich panel or the producer.

Since these factors need to be applicable even for the most inferior products of all producers throughout Europe, these tolerances are very high resulting in very small supporting widths, rendering a cost-efficient application of the products nearly impossible.

For this reason, Metecno Bausysteme GmbH requested an Application Approval for sandwich panels at the DIBt. The DIBt determines individual γM-results for every product, which are then listed in a specific Application Approval (Z-10.49…). The results within the approval make cost-efficient calculations possible.

These products belong to the group of self-supporting sandwich panels (construction class III under the terms of Eurocode DIN EN 1993-1-3). Self-supporting sandwich panels must be CE-labelled and, according to applicable EU law, are not subject to any further external monitoring.

However, Metecno Bausysteme GmbH commits to an even higher quality of its own products. Therefore, the company decided to keep up the external monitoring (for further information see “PPA - Europe (EPAQ)“ on this website).

-       Application Approval for Metecno PU Panels: Z-10.49-516 to 11/2024

-       Application Approval for Metecno Rock-Wool Panels: Z-10.49-517 to 11/2024

-       Application Approval for Metecno Glass-Wool Panels: Z-10.49-613