Sales and Marketing

 Sales and Marketing


Acting as the “voice” of our customers, we are the direct link between them and all departments responsible for the thorough processing of our customers’ orders, distributing all relevant information quickly and precisely to materials management, production scheduling, quality management or shipping. We provide an appropriate cost-benefit ratio of our product range and therefore ensure competitiveness for our customers. Our highly sophisticated customer service as well as reliability in order fulfilment and on-time delivery is essential for maximum customer satisfaction - and we are entitled to nothing less.


By constantly monitoring our relevant markets, we are able to quickly find potentials for optimisation of our product portfolio. Target-performance comparison and customer surveys besides other marketing instruments are basic for the layout of our product range and implementation of promotional activities like fairs and trainings. We also organise corporate communication both externally - towards our customers and the public - as well as internally towards our shareholders and employees.

 Do you have any questions about lead time or modification of your current or future orders? About fairs, catalogues, sponsoring or public relations activities? -  Just give us a call!

Service portfolio

Ihre persönlichen Ansprechpartner

Christian Felkel - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Christian Felkel
Head of Sales & Marketing
+49 36454 56 0

Enrico Bergmann - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Enrico Bergmann
Head of Internal Sales
+49 36454 56 190

Julia Erdmann - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Julia Erdmann
Sales Department/Key-Account Management
+49 36454 56 196

Tina Gumpert - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Tina Gumpert
Sales Department
+49 36454 56 199

Mandy Horst - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Mandy Horst
+49 36454 56 295

Anja May - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Anja May
Sales Department
+49 36454 56 192

Christine Weinauge-Franke - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Christine Weinauge-Franke
Sales Department
+49 36454 56 400

Georg Dumpelnik - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Georg Dumpelnik
Head of Sales Austria
+43 158526 1815

Michel Graeven - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Michel Graeven
Sales Department - Office Benelux
+32 438788 25

Anton Hartl - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Anton Hartl
Head of Sales- Export
+49 1511825 5221

Steven Stellisch - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Steven Stellisch
Regional Sales Manager Germany – East
+49 36454 56 197

Nancy Schacke - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Nancy Schacke
Marketing assistant
+49 36454 56 131

Theresa Schachtschabel - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Theresa Schachtschabel
Appointment management
+49 36454 56 147

Mihaela Blechschmidt - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Mihaela Blechschmidt
Mitarbeiterin Vertriebsinnendienst
+49 (0) 36 454 56 195