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Metecno Bausysteme GmbH


In 1961, Metecno was founded as “Metallotecnica Italiana” as a producer of conventional multi-layered roof and wall systems. The - for that time - common, successive way of installing internal steel sheet, spacers, insulation and external steel sheet directly at the object of construction had great deficiencies concerning the duration of installation, cost and quality.
We deem an excellent customer service just as important as the quality of our product itself. Results of numerous customer pitches and systematic surveys show us the importance of a customer service especially in the building sector. A high level of professional advice, efficient on-time logistics as well as a reliable after-sales service is essential for the success of the building projects of our customers.
In our download area, you have the possibility to comfortably access all relevant data and information regarding our products (product specifications, span tables, etc.), assembly instructions, approvals and our range of accessories.
Metecno sandwich panels stand out due to their high load-bearing-capacity, their low weight and their excellent thermal insulation. For this purpose, profiled steel sheets are combined shear-resistantly with a core of PIR rigid foam or a mineral wool. Panels up to a length of 25 m and in various insulation thicknesses can be produced and delivered ready for assembly to the construction site.