Especially as a manufacturing company, an excellent customer service is on the same level as the quality of the manufactured products. Through a large number of one-on-one discussions with our customers and through systematic customer surveys, we know about the importance of customer service, especially in the construction sector.


Metecno was founded in 1961 under the name "Metallotecnica Italiana" as a manufacturer of conventional multi-layer roof and wall systems. The gradual laying of inner shell, spacers, insulating layer and outer shell directly on the object had clear weaknesses in terms of installation time, costs and consistent quality.


The Metecno sandwich elements are characterized by a high load capacity, low weight and excellent thermal insulation. For this purpose, profiled steel cover shells are connected to one another with a PUR / PIR foam core or mineral wool core. These products are manufactured in lengths of up to 25m and in various insulation thicknesses and delivered ready for installation right to the construction site.


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