Metec-NO-Sound – Your Specialists for Acoustics

 Metec-NO-Sound – Your Specialists for Acoustics

You have a problem concerning acoustics? Whether industrial acoustics, sound absorption or acoustic improvement – with Metecno you will find the best solution! With our product, we have the answer to your acoustic troubles.

Metecno delivers sandwich panels for every need of sound insulation and improvement like noise protection walls, machine enclosures, acoustic partition walls and acoustic projection surfaces.

All our panels have been tested in acoustic laboratories. With our know-how, you can trust in tested quality.

Got any questions? Contact us via telephone or mail – we are here to help!

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Andrew Koster - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Andrew Koster
Sales Manager Acoustics Export
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Francois Corten - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Francois Corten
Sales Manager Acoustics France
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+32 4734 71835
Markus Bayha - Metecno Bausysteme GmbH
Markus Bayha
Sales Manager Acoustics D-A-CH
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+49 163 8203115